Our client is a market leading Australian brand operating within a number of highly competitive categories including office supplies, technology, furniture and printing equipment.

With successful e-commerce and in-store capabilities, our client launched a mobile specific website in 2011. Since then, traffic to the mobile site has grown by nearly 350%. However, direct sales are not proportionate to the numbers seen on our client’s desktop site. Our client wants to understand why this is the case and tasked Columbus with researching consumer and industry behaviour to find the true value of mobile marketing.

“I really wanted to understand both behaviour and intent on our mobile site. How much we should invest in it and if we should spend more or less on promoting it in the future.”

Consumer research

Columbus collated behavioral data from a number of key publishers and sources specific to the Australian retail industry. Combined with our client’s internal website and sales data, it was possible to put forward a number of questions, which in answering, would be at the heart of the study.

Key challenges

If we could prove the value of our client’s mobile site as a research tool in driving in store sales, we could ultimately determine how to invest and optimise our digital campaigns at the local level. As such, we identified two key trends that would shape our methodology for mobile modelling.

Key questions

“If a user on a mobile site doesn’t make their purchase on a mobile device, where do they go to buy?”

“When mobile users search for a store location or trading hours, how likely are they to go into that store?”

“How do we attribute the value of a sale that takes place away from  the mobile site, to the influence that mobile played along the way?”

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