Influencers help girls make their move

Coupling an innovative social strategy together with the power of influencer marketing, the Australian Government’s Girls Make Your Move campaign connected with over 3 million people backed with 3 million+ engagements and improvements in target audience attitudes and behaviours.

The Department of Health recognised that only one in ten people aged 13-17 years undertook the recommended 60-minutes of physical activity per day, with females underrepresented. We were charged with delivering an integrated campaign to encourage and support young women to become more physically active, specifically to:

  • increase participation in physical activity among young women aged 15-18 years;
  • increase awareness of the campaign, its messages and supporting materials; and
  • Build positive attitudes towards participating in physical activity and sport.

With the aim of overcoming the barriers to physical exercise that young women today face (including attitudes, stereotypes and other preconceptions), the campaign strategy specifically tapped into the idea that perceptions are a powerful influence on intentions to change behaviour. As a result, it demonstrated the core benefits of physical activity and how fun it can be to both increase participation and create a dynamic shift in perception for young women to connect, share and inspire each other in the process.

With research further revealing that social media has a more powerful influence on teenage girls than traditional media because of its pervasiveness and interactivity, our social team devised an inventive and collaborative social media strategy to drive maximum engagement and create a groundswell of support.


In a first for the Australian Government, social influencers were employed via a partnership with Hypetap, an influencer marketing agency. 100+ influencers actively opted to be part of the campaign, with a screening process resulting in a highly-supportive group of 27 specifically engaged to create original, authentic content that showcased the key themes of the campaign, using a call to action of the campaign website, Instagram account and campaign hashtags.  The delivery of influencer content and campaign community events saw a significant increase in the use of the campaign hashtags.  Our influencers were also invited to attend sponsored events to help drive collective involvement, inspire physically active behaviours and strengthen their endorsement of the campaign.


By achieving maximum organic uptake with both hashtag usage and content sharing, Girls Make Your Move received extensive unprompted support from stakeholders and industry alike. In fact, across all elements of the campaign, social media provided a centralised platform around inclusion and sought to inspire physical activity among peers – most clearly evident through the incredibly high volume of positive responses received during the campaign, with content both created and shared by the target audience on their individual social channels. Ultimately, Instagram and Facebook delivered a combined total of 3 million+ engagements, while the influencers outreach delivering a further 140,000+ engagements.

                                          Facebook                            Instagram                           Influencers

Clicks:                                  182,325                                              8,510

Video Views:                       2,409,467                           350,871

Event Responses:               1,285

Comments:                         3,286                                   524                                      846

Shares:                                5,188

Likes:                                   50,812                                 50,060                                 140,687

Reach:                                  3,125,677                           1,102,758                           3,638,283


Girls Make Your Move is also the first Australian Government campaign to leverage the immersive experience achieved via Facebook Canvas, allowing the campaign to drive its core messaging even further. Through Dentsu Mitchell’s global partnership with Facebook, Canvas production was completed at no charge. Furthermore, in collaboration with activations agency MKTG, real-time sponsorship content was able to be coordinated and executed for integration within Facebook-sponsored event activity, allowing geo-targeting of audiences in the area and providing both authenticity of involvement and an engaging opportunity for inclusion and campaign participation from the target audience themselves.


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