The purpose of this case study is to elucidate how Columbus has driven Our Clients’ successful e-commerce capabilities over the past 3 months through ad extensions. By introducing these sitelinks we have managed to increase leads from 1,186 to 1,986 (67% increase).

Combined with our clients’ internal website & sales data, Columbus collected & analysed statistics using a number of key publishers. With this we increased traffic, improved Our Clients’ brand awareness & boosted sales month on month by incorporating Ad Extensions and boosting Quality Score.

Key Challenges

How do we prove the value of our client’s website as a research tool to increase New Customer Sign Ups?

By analysing this question, avenues were created to facilitate practices in investing and optimising our digital campaigns at the national level.


By incorporating ad extensions such as enhanced sitelinks, we would be able to increase click through rate, increase site visits vis-à-vis quality traffic resulting in higher conversions for Our Client.

Through vigorous collation of data, we managed to introduce new and efficient sitelinks. We linked these sitelinks to certain products and services which Our Client was looking to push-to-market.


Sales increased by 67% in 14 weeks. We managed to propel our clients brand reach, improve position on google paid ads and increase click through rate. Key findings included adding enhanced sitelinks (or any available form of ad extensions) across our clients’ ads.


We credit our client for giving Columbus the prospect to act as a growth engine for their business.

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