You might be more biased than you think…

At Columbus, we’re actively pursuing a culture of diversity, not only across gender but background, age and thought. We support various initiatives in the industry that help to educate our team on the issues as well as ways to help tackle them head on. When Google announced the launch of their She Leads program, we […]

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Using automation to support Virgin Australia’s ‘Happy Hour’ sale

Overview Every Thursday at 4pm, Virgin Australia (VA) release a selection of heavily discounted routes to their anxiously waiting consumers. They call this the ‘Happy Hour’ Sale.  VA is looking to increase the promotion and personalisation of this sale across more channels, primarily promoted through Facebook. Previously, our SEM activity was not personalised for the […]

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Mission: Leave No Pages Behind

One of Australia’s leading wealth management organisations was embarking on a CMS migration to improve their online customer experience.  To ensure the new site retained as much SEO value from website authority, mitigate any lost traffic and subsequent loss of digital sales, Columbus completed a detailed migration project. Spanning six months to cover pre, during […]

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